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The pole tents are suitable for all types of activities. Due to the simple stretch design, the top of the pole tent is supported by a central pole in the middle of the tent roof, and the center pole is supported to each corner and side column. These rods are then anchored to the column by wire rope and tensioner assemblies to stabilize the entire tent system or otherwise anchored for maximum stability.

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Features of Pole Tent

1. Can be used repeatedly, easy to install, disassemble and transport;
2. Complete line of accessories to add different walls and interiors according to your different needs;
3. The tent frames is made of high-strength aluminum alloy 6061 / T6 (hardness HW ≥ 15, surface oxidation; film thickness ≥ 10um; tensile strength: 260Mpa; yield strength: 240Mpa; elongation: 10%) or hot-dip galvanized steel pipe material;
4. High-quality roofing material (the roof tarpaulin of the tent is made of the most advanced white shading double-sided PVC synthetic fiber cloth, pre-stretched, and the surface of the tarpaulin is tightly attached to the aluminum alloy bracket. This material completely isolates the UV, waterproof Cloth thickness 0.76mm; gram weight: 750g/m2; tensile strength (warp/weft): 3553/2939 N / 5cm; tear strength (warp/weft): 462/348 N; peel strength (warp/weft) ): 118/116 N / 5cm; Applicable temperature: – 30~ + 70 °C.

Product quality system certification

Our company has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, the National Fire Protection Association standard NFPA701, the tent from the material, processing technology, wind resistance, fire performance and other safety and stability have reached international safety standards (tarpaulin and curtain flame retardant The standard reaches the national B1 level, the German DIN4102, the European M2 level, the maximum wind resistance is 8)

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