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The Gable Tent is mainly used for weddings, parties and other formal interactions. In addition to the basic white, there are red, yellow-green, blue and other colors to choose from. Red and blue spire tents are available for exhibitions, festivals and promotions. From 3m x 3m to 6m x 12m, the spire tents are available in different sizes for customers to choose from, and can cover virtually any size of any size.

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Structures of Gable Tent

Tent Structure: The canopy consists of aluminum or galvanized pipe;

Tent Roof: The roof is usually made up of 850gsm / 550gsm PVC Coated Polyester;

Side Walls: The tarpaulin is usually 550gsm tarpaulin, with or without window;

Construction and installation of Gable Tent

1. Cement floor: fixed by expansion screws;

2. Grass/sand: Stakes Anchor

3. Wood floors, marble or ceramic tiles, etc.: fixed with a load-bearing system.

Product Description

​​Frame / Pole Material: Aluminum or Galvanized

Frame Oxidation Resistance: Yes

Frame Corrosion Resistance: Yes

Fabric Translucency Blockout: Yes

Water Repellency Waterproof: Yes

Flame Resistant: Yes

UV Resistant: Yes

Mold and Mildew Resistant Yes


Single Top: 3 x 3m / 4 x 4m / 5 x 5m / 6 x 6m

Double Tops: 3 x 6m / 4 x 8m / 5 x 10m / 6 x 9m / 6 x 12m

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