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Tarpaulin Fish Pond is a combination of plastic brackets and PVC waterproof fabric. The main body is supported by a plastic bracket with a wall thickness of 2.0 mm. The pool body is made of a special nylon-finished nylon woven waterproof cloth with a double-sided thickness of 0.85 mm. Chuang Dong Limited adopts heat sealing process to produce large-scale bracket pool. The heat sealing process makes the pool have the characteristics of wear resistance, pressure resistance, no crack, no glue opening, etc. The high-quality Tarpaulin Fish Pond has a long service life of 10 years.

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Properties of Products

1. Tensile strength index: warp strength ≥ 2100N/5CM latitudinal strength ≥ 1600N/5CM

2. No water leakage, water pressure resistance value ≥ 2000MM water column

3. Withstand low temperature, cold temperature is -30 °C

4. Prevent mildew and the mildewproof experiment is grade 1.


1. It has waterproof, anti-mildew function, and has the characteristics of light material, high tensile strength, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, convenient washing and folding.

2. This product should avoid sharp impact with sharp metal during use.

3. If the product is damaged during use, it can be repaired with glue.

4. Product quality assurance, and complete after-sales service.

Applied Range

Mainly used for fish farming and other seafood.