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The frame pool is a combination of a steel frame and a mesh of polyether vinyl PVC fabric. The main body is supported by steel pipe, and the pool body is made of high-frequency welding heat and molding of special nylon double-sided PVC coated cloth for the pool. The large-scale Frame Pool made by the heat sealing process has the characteristics of wear resistance and pressure resistance, no cracks and no glue opening. There is no glue on the whole pool. The bottom of the bracket pool cloth is 0.85 mm thickness PVC fabric, and the bracket is adopted. The standard welded pipe has a wall thickness of 2.0 mm and the high-quality swimming frame pool has a long service life of 10 years. The conventional shape of the swimming frame pool is rectangular, round, and can be customized to the pool’s size according to the customer demand. The height is generally 50 cm and 150 cm, and the length and width are in the range of 2 x 2 m to 50 x 25 m.

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Properties of Products

With high tear (tearing strength 400N, tensile strength 3478N / cm), anti-friction, anti-aging, beautiful appearance and other properties.

Products Superiority

Safe to use, clean and hygienic, no need for a dedicated venue, easy to move, flexible operation, easy to use.

Applied Range

Large and small stadiums, playgrounds, water park, leisure resorts, tourist attractions and many other venues.

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